Great method for managing your everyday tasks

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Some time ago I wrote here that time measurement is a very subjective issue. I Concluded that it’s better to useThe Pomodoro Technique, which is able to make us more efficient in the time we have. In short we could manage our time much better. Some people claim that something like time management doesn’t exist. But generally if something exists it is able to be managed. So basically time management is done, but what about tasks on which we spend it.

Brutal reality

Very often our list of tasks, which we have in hundreds of task’s managers and notebooks brings to mind a monster in a wardrobe. Sure, everyone know that we shouldn’t be afraid because it’s only our imagination, however that’s the last place you look into in the night.

Don’t forget rules …

You have to learn many rules and techniques

To fight someway with those tasks people through the years have created many techniques and systems. First and the most popular is probablyGetting Things Done by David Allen. It contains many tools for prioritizing tasks, categorizing by different contexts, estimating and so on. If we already know how it works then we should learn which task is for us the most important etc. So another place to go is Brian Tracy’s book which is called “How to master your time”. Everything now is well planned right? But not done yet. To get to know why, it will be nice to read another Tracy’s proposition “Eat that frog”. That’s not the end. To use properly our brain in the meantime we should also read “Six thinking hats” by Edward de Bono after which will be able to create groundbreaking ideas.

… Or Fun !

But remember also you have intuition and emotions

Every single thing on that list is just astonishing and worth to read. However we can’t also forget about one little aspect. Our brain isn’t just a machine to excute well prepared, reasonable looking, well planned tasks. If it would be so, Nobel Price would be just a formality. Brain is much more complicated and offers also something like emotions, intuition and both can ruin our well rounded plan in just a second.

To prevent that we must learn how to work to use those features properly and treat them as big advantages. Mark Foster has created something which is called Autofocus Index technique and I think it’s just brilliant.

Unfortunately you should be careful. That’s not the method everyone will accept, like and which lets you make more money. This method is based on natural need for action, which includes not only rational choices but also intuition and fun. It contains four different variations (AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4) depends on your working style (more deadlines, more flexible work and time etc). I won’t describe it here in detail, because Mark have done this fantastic here. But there are a couple of advices derived from my experience:

  • this is a method which really works, but you have trust and don’t think about it
  • you will be suprised that you will be doing much more tasks
  • don’t worry just follow couple of simple rules
  • every notepad can be use like a context from GTD (i.e. School, Work, Home etc)

I’ve choosen AF4 because it’s perfect for my current work. It works for me now and I can really recommend it if just wanted to try something new.

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