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Last time I hadn’t much time to writing here but it will change now hopefully. First of all we are generally working with PureMVC in our projects. Sometimes I’m wondering if that’s not overkill but in most situations it gives us really productive framework. Anyway my company mate had last time presentation about it on Adobe Flex polish group :adobers.org . Before meeting we collect some materials for people who want to start with PureMVC now so I will past it below, have fun !

Source: ShoutWaves

There are also few interesting articles about difference between architecture frameworks (PureMVC, Cairngorm, Swizz, Mate, etc):

PureMVC tutorials:

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  1. 长盛证券 Says:

    dou shi yingyu shui kan de dong a

  2. bertrand Says:

    thx a lot for the list !

  3. Алеся Says:

    I used путевки в Черногорию,so thanks for the info!

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